Thanks to the advent of the internet and the digital marketplace, there are multiple ways to make money from home. It is easier than ever before to start your own business and even easier to do freelancing work for a variety of companies that use the internet to outsource a number of their tasks. From taking surveys and giving product reviews to selling your own wares, ghostwriting, blogging and transcribing, there are many ways of making money at home, and all you need is some time and a reliable computer and internet connection. The following options have opened up opportunities for people wanting an alternative to the traditional 9-5 office job. Some people choose to work from home because they want to make their own schedule, others choose it to supplement their main income, and others want to work from home so they can be at-home parents while still earning a reliable income to support their family.

Taking Online Surveys

Market research has always been an important part of any business. They need to know what their customers want, what they like, and as importantly, what they don’t like. Market research is a means by which companies and businesses tailor their advertising campaigns and their products to reflect what the research has shown will bring them the most success.

There are multiple companies that specialize in online surveys. You can get paid to participate in these surveys and simply lend your views, as a potential customer. Many of these sites will also pay you to write product reviews as this is an increasingly large part of how online shoppers decide where to take their business to. Some sites want you to fill out surveys, and others will pay you to go through their online purchase procedure and provide feedback on its efficacy.

Selling Your Own Wares

People who are crafty or creative can also start their own online business from home, and it is simpler than ever before. All you need to start is a Facebook page. You can customize your page, include video, image, or written posts featuring what you are selling. Starting a Facebook business page is free, and it only costs money when and if you choose to start boosting your ads to increase your audience.

From Facebook, you can easily join a number of groups such as Buy & Sells to post what you are selling on your page. Many people have a lot of success with their business Facebook page.


There is an awful lot of content on the internet, and for a site to get good rankings from the search engines, it’s important to regularly post fresh and new content; that is where ghostwriters come in. Ghostwriting is when a writer creates content based on the instructions of the client, but does not attach their name to the work and has no rights to it. Often, websites and bloggers hire ghostwriters to create posts under their name so they can keep up with fresh-content demands.


Blogging has been a huge trend for the last couple of decades. A blog can be like your personal online journal you share with the world, and for those that are successful and end up with a lot of readers, there can be money to be made from them.

Once your blog reaches a certain number of followers, advertisers can post their ads on your page, and the more people click on them or make a purchase from them, you get a portion paid to you.


Transcribing most often involves changing audio files into written text. You will listen to a file and type out what is said. All you need to do this is a reliable computer and internet connection, as well as some decent language skills.

Transcription is used in a number of industries from medical transcription to market research using focus groups and in-depth interviews. Transcription is something you can easily do from home that can pay by the word, hour, or document.

In this day and age, people have so many more options of ways to make money and support themselves and their families. Making money from home is easier than ever before thanks to the advent of the internet and social media. Social media provides a variety of platforms from which people can spread their message, product, or service. Even ‘influencers’ have found ways to make money posting on Instagram and securing followers. Making money from home is a flexible and potentially lucrative way of supplementing your income or becoming your main income.

From taking surveys and writing product reviews to selling your own wares, ghostwriting, blogging, and transcribing, all you have to do is devote some time to researching your chosen avenue, give it some time, and see what it can do for you.