Duties Performed By Virtual Assistants

Hiring the services of a virtual assistant can effectively shave hours off your workweek. However, it can be tricky figuring out which tasks to delegate, whether you are just starting out or growing a business. The majority of virtual assistants is freelance or contract workers who work from home and concentrate on administrative tasks. These tasks are similar to those of a secretary or an executive assistant.

There are thousands of entries for virtual assistants on websites that focus on contract workers. The number of virtual assistants is ever increasing; as such, it is easier to find one who will fit well with your organization. Below are some tasks that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant:

• Online Research

Virtual assistants can take care of your Internet research. Included among the common requests are vetting potential business contacts or employees, finding statistics on corporate websites and exploring new products. Ensure clear instructions are sent, along with the passwords and user names. This will allow the assistant to gain access to paid websites or specialty search tools. An assistant can also be contracted to help with finding blog topics or proofread a blog. He or she could do research on what is trending and report to you.

• Bookkeeping

Taking care of bills and other bookkeeping obligations is among the easiest things to which a virtual assistant can be assigned. A number of small businesses opt to share the bookkeeping systems with the assistants so they can take on responsibilities like addressing unpaid bills or outstanding invoices. This will involve handing over some control like access to passwords access to accounts.

• Data Entry

Whether it is updated information for current contacts or a stack of new business cards collected at a networking event, keeping current databases is an apt task for virtual assistants. Ensure your needs and expectations are specific and ensure the assistant has experience in this type of work so there will be less room for errors. For business owners, follow up is huge. Sometimes clients will scan business cards and assistants can enter them into the database.

• Data Presentation

Summarizing research findings or transforming raw data into a flawless PowerPoint presentation can be a massive timesaver when virtual assistants help with preparing for meetings. The data will come back in a format that can be shared.

• Undertake Social Tasks

A virtual assistant can be a remarkable asset to handle tasks like sending ‘thank you’ notes or writing holiday cards. In fact, social chores are steadily becoming a very common virtual assistant assignment. Some of these tasks can become quite overwhelming for business executives; however, a good virtual assistant can effectively handle all of it.

• Email Management

The task of some assistants is to sort emails and save you time, by allowing you to handle the ones that are most important while responding to the others. While such remote email management service is easy to access, guidance is required to determine which emails are considered important. Additionally, to eliminate potential errors, the assistant should be required to send a copy of an email that will be dealt with before responding to them.

• Scheduling

Several business owners are benefiting from the ease of access to many scheduling tools on the internet via virtual assistants. They handle invitations to meetings, assist in planning events and schedule clients’ appointments, among other things. Using the reliable virtual assistance service should relieve the individual of having to deal with calendars.

• Carry Out Travel Research

A virtual assistant is a remarkable resource for booking airfares, finding hotels and creating trip itineraries for business and pleasure alike. The assistant can use review websites or one of the increasing number of research tools for travel. Additionally, they can handle the hassle of researching international travel options or navigating time zones when booking.

Prioritizing prospective business opportunities can be overwhelming; however, virtual assistants can assist with the process. For example, when deciding what products to sell on eBay, a virtual assistant can look for items that could be profitable for resale. They can be instructed on which websites to visit and they will be able to take it from there. They can look at clearance and other reasonably-priced items.