Ways Of Making Money On YouTube

If you would like to make money online, a good option could be working on YouTube. On a monthly basis, this social media platform gets a huge audience of over a billion users. A number of individuals are already making money on YouTube. In just its YouTube Partner Program, the platform boasts one million creators.

For every 1000 views a partner receives, he or she will be able to receive an estimated return of $2 to $4. While this might not seem like much, if you upload 100 videos, with each getting 5000 views, you could get between $1000 and $2000. This is a fairly decent amount of money.

However, a rule has been applied to the YouTube Partner Program. Creators will not be able to monetize their videos until their channel has 10000-lifetime views. This was done in an effort to get rid of bad actors from the community. For creators who would like to make money from YouTube, this is a heightened threshold. It is not easy to get a million views on a video. Fortunately, ads or YouTube revenue are not the only income sources, there are other methods as well.

Using Google’s Creator Playbook is an easy way to get started; however, what comes next is more challenging. If you would like to start a YouTube journey, try not to see it as a platform for monetizing, instead, see it as a facilitator to further your source of income. Below are some guidelines on how you can make money on this platform:

• Use YouTube as a Means of Getting Traffic to Your Blog and Website

If you have an income-generating blog or website, traffic is needed. A number of websites took a hard hit from Google’s Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda updates. If this was your experience, you will be hurting; YouTube can be used to regain and increase traffic.

Use the Creator Playbook to get started. Once you are set up, think about repurposing some of your older video content and create new videos as well. Ensure that the first line of the video descriptions has a link to your website. This will allow you to funnel YouTube traffic wherever you want it to go.

• Become an Affiliate Marketer

The term “Affiliate marketing” refers to selling products for others and receiving a commission. There are countless companies offering affiliate marketers attractive deals to promote their products. These include huge companies such as eBay and Amazon and smaller companies as well. Furthermore, there are a number of affiliate networks that you can join.

As an affiliate marketer who wants to make money on YouTube, you can do video reviews of the affiliate products or do tutorials on how to use the product. Always remember to link to the products in the descriptions. Make sure your affiliate link is being used or you will not get credit for sales.

• Create and Promote Products on YouTube

If you are currently creating or would like to create your own products, YouTube provides unlimited methods of promoting your products and making sales. Included among the products you can create are music, art, apps, and eBooks. Produce your product, put it in a shopping cart and promote it on YouTube. Put a link to the product in the description so viewers can purchase it.

• Become a YouTube Influencer

YouTube influencers can make a lot of money. PewDiePie is the top highest-paid YouTuber, having made $15 million in 2016. It has been estimated that he could make more than $13,000 per week for publications. If you have quirky concepts or you are passionate about your hobbies, develop a YouTube channel. There is no telling if you will be the next YouTube phenomenon.

• Become a Part of the YouTube Partner Program

After several videos have been created, joining the Partner Program is the next step. All that is required is enabling the channel for monetization. You will then be able to get your share of the revenue from advertising on the platform. Similar to what is done with popular YouTube influencers, you will be paid for every thousand views on the videos. If you are ready to get started, your first step will be to provide verification for your channel.

• Test Market Your Products

For market research, YouTube is a remarkable resource with which you can determine whether your innovative and brilliant idea has what it takes to be profitable. For instance, if you have a product idea that needs funding, make some videos before creating a crowdfunding campaign. The comments and views on your videos will reflect whether your concept is viable as it is. In addition, the YouTube audience can assist you with making it viable, to help with your efforts of successfully getting funding.